An Open Letter to the Parents of the Children I’m About to Teach…

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I post this the night before I take up my first teaching role. This fills me with excitement, but also unbelievable nerves. I believe that if I were completely fine at the prospect of being responsible for a classroom full of children – for both their learning and their general happiness and wellbeing – it would be a cause for concern. The following is an honest account of what I would say to any parents of the lovely children I am about to be fully responsible for, or any parents of children starting a new stage of school.

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Things I’ve Learned During my 21st Century Blackout…


4f666614af2955f19a259eecfc3aa39f--trips-my-daughterI am the first to tell you that I am the most ham-fisted, clumsy individual in the world. There is an infamous scale in my family where they describe something as ‘Kirsty-friendly’ as a level up from ‘child safe/friendly’. I’m 26.I proved that theory recently as I managed to drop my phone by holding onto it tighter. I know. I did this outside, on my driveway when I was in a rush, naturally. Not only did it hit the ground, it bounced twice and landed face down on the stones. Had it only fallen once, it was fine. The bounce onto it’s face was the final straw. Shattered but alive, it soldiered on for a few days until it completely died when I was halfway through replying to a text from my future mother-in-law. Great.


I write this the night before I get my phone back, and I’m ashamed to say it’s been the longest few days without it. I would never have said I particularly relied on my phone that much, but enjoyed the security and comfort of knowing it was there if I needed it. However, this week has taught me otherwise.

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My Top 10 Tips for Students Starting University…


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It’s that time of year again! No, not Christmas (I wish!). It’s the time of year where students everywhere are excited/bricking it at the thought of starting life as a fully-fledged student! This year I graduated as a Primary Teacher and I was recently asked what tips I have… so I thought I’d put some of my mangled thoughts down on cyber paper! As I said, I did Bed Hons Primary Education, but I’m sure these tips could translate in many degrees!

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If you’re not following them, you should be…

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The internet is full of unhappy, cruel people. However, I like to focus on the fact that there are so many wonderful, genuine and kind people out there in the cyberwebs. Some local, some not. Yet they’re all really good eggs. Here are just a handful of my favourite bloggers* at the moment…

*Side note: a lot of these ladies have YouTube channels too, should you be so inclined. Click on their lovely faces to be transported to a world of loveliness! 

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