If you’re not following them, you should be…

girl power

The internet is full of unhappy, cruel people. However, I like to focus on the fact that there are so many wonderful, genuine and kind people out there in the cyberwebs. Some local, some not. Yet they’re all really good eggs. Here are just a handful of my favourite bloggers* at the moment…

*Side note: a lot of these ladies have YouTube channels too, should you be so inclined. Click on their lovely faces to be transported to a world of loveliness! 

hannah gale


  1. Hannah Gale.

The most down-to-earth-I-want-to-be-your-BFF-so-bad-why-do-we-live-in-different-countries type person I’ve come across here on the internet. This lovely lady has a blog, YouTube channel and an Instagram account, boasting lovely photos and oh-so-real captions. Her honesty shines through all of what she does, even the stuff that we all face that maybe isn’t so ‘Instagrammable’ (yup, a teacher making up words. How reassuring). Not only is she a fabulous human, reminding us that it’s ok to be exactly that, she is with child! I know! So exciting! If you do one thing as a result of this post, make it following her (online, obviously). She’s an absolute gem who does not get the internet love she deserves.


  1. xameliax – Amelia Goodhead.



If you like honesty, a giggle, cute dogs and an open discussion about mental health – she’s the one for you. Lovely girl with a real ‘what you see is what you get’ approach to her YouTube channel and blog. I have been a fan for a number of years now and I’m still unwavering. This is a big deal for someone like me who has the attention span of a nat. again, another lady who doesn’t get half as much online love as she deserves. Gorgeous human.





kate la vie



3. Kate la vie.

If I need to explain to you who this is, I will be shocked. Especially us Scottish ladies. Her home, blog and Instagram are all of my dreams rolled into one! She also recently eloped in NYC with her love, Jordan, so if that’s your thing, check her out!Undeniably and unwaveringly true to herself, I look forward to her posts and make a real effort to stop during my day to watch/read the latest publication. Us ladies living in Scotland need to stick together!



  1. Charlotte Taylor.Charlotte Taylor

If you don’t want to be broody anytime soon, look away now! Charlotte’s two litte babies, Bill and Daisy, are just beyond gorgeous. As is she! Charlotte is another honest, lovely lady who brightens up my day with her YouTube and Instagram stories and posts – something I believe she’ll be glad of in the future as the truth and detail that goes into each caption is just incredible. Sometimes we forget a feeling, positive or otherwise, and I think its so important to remember every detail of life that we cherished at the time. Charlotte does so beautifully. Her style and humour are just the icing on the cake!



5.The Anna Edit – Anna Newton.


Similar to Kate, if I need to introduce you then we have a problem, Houston! This is the lady who started my obsession with YouTube and blogging all those years ago. Scary to think how long it’s been! She very recently married her lovely other half Mark in an amazingly casual wedding that ended with pizza and Despacito – what’s not to love! She’s an absolute sweetheart and her vlogs and blog posts are a mixed bag of beautiful, polished content, to if ‘it’s ok if…’ had a voice. I love her. You should/will too!


6. Lily Pebbles

lily pebbles .jpg

You can’t have one without the other! A very similar vein to Anna, which is just as well as they are close friends offline too! Lily is another breath of fresh air, both in her YouTube videos and in her blog, as she has continually remained true to what she wants to post and how – something I can imagine could become difficult the more well-known you become as an ‘influencer’. Similarly, Lily married her partner Rich recently in the most stunning wedding I think I’ve ever seen. Give it a watch/read. She and her blog are more than worth your time.





Well, there you go! Just some of the marvellous ladies out there in cyberspace, more than deserving of a few more friendly faces.

Do you have any recommendations? Leave them down below!


‘til next time,

Kirsty x

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