My Bucket List…


I’ve had a ‘Bucket List’ since I was little, although I didn’t know that’s what it was called at the time. Although some think they’re a flash in the pan, I think they’re great. Gives you something to strive for and look forward to if you’re lucky enough to plan one from the list! I seem to add to my list everyday! From grand, international adventures, to treasuring the simple things in life. Both are equally as important.

Here are some of my top Bucket List items…

  • Go to Disney World, Florida. The dream that started my list all those years ago, and I’ve still to do it! Hoping to do this in 2019, so keep everything crossed for me!disney
  • Buy a something for the house from every adventure we have.
  • Go to the cinema alone.
  • Take our niece and nephew for the weekend. We’re waiting ‘til we have our next house before we have them to stay over as it’s just not child friendly enough. Sad faces all round, but lots of plans in my head for when they do!
  • Frame more photos.
  • Go to NYC with my love (I’m actually doing this in October! Woohoo!). NYC
  • Tone up. Seriously.
  • Wear that fabulous floppy hat this Autumn/Winter.
  • Go for a meal out alone.
  • Have a ladies’ weekend away with my mum. She’s a diamond and should be treated as such.
  • Regain the confidence to exercise again.
  • Go to Australia to visit family – did somebody say honeymoon!?
  • Take photos of our niece and nephew more often, particularly with my DSLR. In fact, just take more photos full stop!camera
  • Go swimming in Scotland.
  • Buy the brown boots, you’ll wear them 24/7 like the last pair! Worth the investment.
  • Visit Auschwitz.
  • Have a Disney marathon with friends in our PJs and order takeaway – the perfect no-effort-maximum-fun day!
  • Improve my handwriting.
  • Go for afternoon tea.
  • See all the Harry Potter films in order, back-to-back and in one go.
  • Go to the theatre more.
  • Drive somewhere and just rock up to a little B&B to lay our heads for the night, and keep going for a whole weekend.
  • Visit Paris,
  • Maintain this blog!
  • Take more photos with Greg. Time moves too fast.
  • Speaking of which, take more photos with the kids.
  • Visit Amsterdam,
  • Learn Calligraphy.
  • Improve my drawing skills.

I hope you liked this little look into my plans and dreams for my/our life. What are some of yours? Let me know in the comments below!

’til next time,

Kirsty x

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