September Goals…


septemberThree months. Three months until my favourite month. December.

Confession: I am a fully grown child who gets more excited about Christmas than your average 6 year-old. I’m not even a little bit sorry.


Yes. I’m one of those people.

Until then, there is still so much to do! I’ve decided to put my thoughts out there into the world in the hope that, because I’ve typed them, I’ll be more likely to do all of these things. Not the most original of posts but I’m hoping it’ll make me more excited for the present, rather than waiting ‘til tomorrow, Friday, my birthday, the weekend, Monday, Christmas, New Year (Hogmanay here in Sconny Botland), after –insert event or time of year here -, whatever it is. Something I am guilty of, so I’m actively trying to stop myself from wishing the years away.

dublin map



  • Dublin Trip

My girl squad and I are currently planning a weekend away to my favourite country in the world, but a city I’ve never been to! I think this is the last one to tick off my list for Ireland. They are the most fantastic girls and I’ve heard Dublin is a fantastic city! Please leave any recommendations or suggestions below! Anything and everything welcome.



  • Spend more quality time with Greg.

I know, I live with the man! But it’s the quality part that matters. After work we cook dinner and collapse on the couch and muster the strength to describe our days in less than a tweet-worth of conversation. I’m ashamed of my effort when I think about it. Before we lived together, and Greg worked away, every conversation sparkled and the

days and hours were counted ‘til we saw each other again. It was bliss and something that can easily come back. Living together means things get comfortable and easy. Both of which are lovely, but it is so important to still make the effort where possible. I want to disappear somewhere with him, switching off all electronics and create our own little bubble for the day. Our only worries being each other.


Life and work can get so busy that it seems to fall down the list of priorities. Not intentional, but something that has to be watched and caught before it gets ridiculous. I quite like the wee ginge, and I’d like to show him how much I like him more often.




  • Lose at least 5lbs.

As you may or may not know, I have recently started Slimming World (blog post coming


 soon!). I’m not saying it’s the way forward for everyone, it’s just that I am currently

painfully unhappy with how I feel in my own skin at the moment – something I intend to fix before I marry the love of my life, next July.



  • Get more items ticked off the wedding ‘To Do’ List



As previously mentioned, I’m getting married next July and, although we have ticked off lots of big things, there are still

some left over and I’d love to have them well and truly booked up and organised before the month is out. Wedding-related post coming soon for those interested!






  • See our niece and nephew more often and take more photos of them.



They are my world and are growing up way too fast *cliché claxon *.

It is true though and I’m mortified when I think of how few photos we have of these tiny, gorgeous humans. This will be fixed. I hope.




  • Get into my teaching groove.

I’m new to the game and this will be my first full month of teaching. 

I really want to embrace every aspect of this wonderful vocation and I give it my all.


I am excited to be the protective lioness over my gorgeous cubs.




What are your goals for this month? Let me know in the comments below!

Til next time,

Kirsty x

My Bucket List…


I’ve had a ‘Bucket List’ since I was little, although I didn’t know that’s what it was called at the time. Although some think they’re a flash in the pan, I think they’re great. Gives you something to strive for and look forward to if you’re lucky enough to plan one from the list! I seem to add to my list everyday! From grand, international adventures, to treasuring the simple things in life. Both are equally as important.

Here are some of my top Bucket List items…

  • Go to Disney World, Florida. The dream that started my list all those years ago, and I’ve still to do it! Hoping to do this in 2019, so keep everything crossed for me!disney
  • Buy a something for the house from every adventure we have.
  • Go to the cinema alone.
  • Take our niece and nephew for the weekend. We’re waiting ‘til we have our next house before we have them to stay over as it’s just not child friendly enough. Sad faces all round, but lots of plans in my head for when they do!
  • Frame more photos.
  • Go to NYC with my love (I’m actually doing this in October! Woohoo!). NYC
  • Tone up. Seriously.
  • Wear that fabulous floppy hat this Autumn/Winter.
  • Go for a meal out alone.
  • Have a ladies’ weekend away with my mum. She’s a diamond and should be treated as such.
  • Regain the confidence to exercise again.
  • Go to Australia to visit family – did somebody say honeymoon!?
  • Take photos of our niece and nephew more often, particularly with my DSLR. In fact, just take more photos full stop!camera
  • Go swimming in Scotland.
  • Buy the brown boots, you’ll wear them 24/7 like the last pair! Worth the investment.
  • Visit Auschwitz.
  • Have a Disney marathon with friends in our PJs and order takeaway – the perfect no-effort-maximum-fun day!
  • Improve my handwriting.
  • Go for afternoon tea.
  • See all the Harry Potter films in order, back-to-back and in one go.
  • Go to the theatre more.
  • Drive somewhere and just rock up to a little B&B to lay our heads for the night, and keep going for a whole weekend.
  • Visit Paris,
  • Maintain this blog!
  • Take more photos with Greg. Time moves too fast.
  • Speaking of which, take more photos with the kids.
  • Visit Amsterdam,
  • Learn Calligraphy.
  • Improve my drawing skills.

I hope you liked this little look into my plans and dreams for my/our life. What are some of yours? Let me know in the comments below!

’til next time,

Kirsty x

An Open Letter to the Parents of the Children I’m About to Teach…

hello class-pencil_color2

I post this the night before I take up my first teaching role. This fills me with excitement, but I’m also very apprehensive. I believe that if I were completely fine at the prospect of being responsible for a classroom full of children – for both their learning and their general happiness and wellbeing – it would be a cause for concern. The following is an honest account of what I would say to any parents of the lovely children I am about to be fully responsible for, or any parents of children starting a new stage of school.


  • I will try my best.
  • I don’t promise that I’ll get it right every time, but I promise that I will do everything in my power to care for your world as best I can.
  • School is not the same as it was when you were at school. Times have changed, but at the heart of every decision in school is made to benefit the learners within it.
  • Don’t compare your child to technology-infused-classroom-cartoonanother. No child or family is the same. I promise they’re not as perfect as you think they are.
  • Please put your child’s name on everything – it will seem like a faff at first but it will save you a lot of money and me a whole world of hassle. Win, win.
  • Different is not bad.
  • I will only believe half of what your child says happens at home, if you only believe half of what they say happens at school.
  •  I will treat your child like my own while you’re not around.
  • If you have a concern, please come to me. Hopefully it’s a misunderstanding, but if not we can work together to make it better. If you are genuinely worried, it is not a waste of time.
  • Similarly, trust me as a teacher. Everything I do will come from a professional and human decision and out of care for your child.
  • You might see me at the supermarket and I might have wine in my trolley. It’s Friday night and it’s probably not for me. I am human and I have a life. The chocolate will be 100% mine, though. Whoops!il_340x270.1208876983_o5bl
  • Keep me updated with any changes in your home that may affect your child. I am not here to judge, purely to help care for your child and support you as much as I can.

This turned out to be a list rather than a letter, but I thought it might be slightly less of a ramble this way. This is also just some of the things I could say, but I want to keep things general and hopefully helpful.

Is there anything you want to add or ask? Let me know!
‘til next time,

Kirsty x